Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farewell son, enjoy your 8 months in Canada & America

We said goodbye to our son this morning, he is off to spread his wings in the USA and Canada. He has been planning this working holiday for the past 9 months. Will he stay for the whole 8 months, who knows.

Why is it that we never realise what someone means to us till such time that they are not here for us to see everyday? Does this mean we are weak? Does this mean we are soft?

I have never been able to comprehend how anyone can pack their bags and immigrate to another country when they have family and friends. I guess this could explain why those people appear to be slightly harder and more determined to those of us that have never made that big leap.

I hope our son finds whatever it is he is looking for while he is away, we hope he stays away from trouble, we hope he finds work in the Ski fields of northern America, we hope he comes home healthy and wise.

A lot can change in 8 months, I wish I could look into the future and see what it brings.

Day 314 of 365: My iPhone #iphoneography photo a day project

Image taken and edited on my iPhone 3gs. Uploaded using Flickit Pro and edited using various apps purchased for my iPhone. This image is part of my iPhone photo a day project taken over 365 days.

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