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family car

family car, originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Knocking on deaths door"

"The Adams Family" #iPhoneography #iPhoneographer

A vertical panorama using four images, apps used are listed in my tags as always.

Day 254 of 365: My iPhone #iphoneography photo a day project


Horse, originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking down on Sydney Harbour

Taken from the roof of the Fujitsu building at 15 Blue Street North Sydney, what a view, has to be one of the best views of our Harbour I've seen since climbing the needle at Centrepoint Tower.

Day 249 of 365: My iPhone #iphoneography photo a day project

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

crowdy head lighthouse #2

crowdy head lighthouse #2, originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.


boating, originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Crowdy Head Lighthouse

Crowdy Head Lighthouse, originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.

LOCATION: Lat. 31° 50.7' S, Long. 152° 45.3' E (map)
OPERATOR: Australian Maritime Safety Authority
CHARACTER: Group Flashing 2 every 10 seconds
LIGHT SOURCE: Mains Electricity
INTENSITY: 28,000 cd
ELEVATION: 61 metres
RANGE: 16 nautical miles
HEIGHT: 7.3 metres
CUSTODIAN: Dept Infrastructure, Planning & Natural Resources
HERITAGE: Register of the National Estate


A pilot station was established in 1860 at nearby Harrington to assist ships navigating the entrance of the Manning River with cargoes of timber, livestock and limestone.

In 1878, a fixed catadioptric light of less than 1,000 candelas was erected on Crowdy Head.

It was the last of a series of small lighthouses designed by James Barnet, the others being Fingal Head, Richmond River, Clarence River and Tacking Point.

The Crowdy Head tower was made of stone and painted white.

The original light was a fixed white light of fourth order catadioptric type
It was originally manned by one lightkeeper.

In 1928 the apparatus was converted to automatic acetylene operation providing 1500 candelas and the keepers withdrawn.

The light was finally converted to mains electricity in June 1972.

The demise of the shipping industry saw the closure of the pilot station in the 1960s.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

time train

A photo from one of the only unused train tunnels in the area, went out for a drive the other day with my family and had to come past and show them this awesome abandoned train station and tunnel, is perfect for daytime light painting. I use my green orbinator and a HID head lamp to light up the ceiling which is covered with glow worms.

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'Every Morning'

'Every Morning', originally uploaded by Michael.Sutton.

Every mornin', every evenin', every day I, I think of you
The way you love me, through and through
When I'm with you, it feels like heaven
You're an angel, holdin' me
Your sweet, sweet lovin', it sets me free
And in my wildest, imagination,
I could never, imagine you
Lovin' me as much as, as I do love you
And it may be winter, it may be fall
I might have plenty, or nothin' at all
But baby I'll be there, whenever you call, ever you call
'Cause every mornin', and every evenin', every day I, I think of
The way you love me, through and through
The way you love me, through and through

"afternoon delight" #iPhoneography #iPhoneographer

Day 239 of 365: My iPhone #iphoneography photo a day project