Monday, July 27, 2009

Go no further

Go no further, originally uploaded by Sutto 007.

Through the eyes of my Lensbaby composer. A look down the line of a Historic Train Station located south of Sydney.

Taken on a wet cold winters afternoon with Jason and Alison from The Sutherland Shire Flickr group, and my beautiful daughter Monique.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moon Landing 40th Anniversary

Moon Landing 40th Anniversary, originally uploaded by Sutto 007.

20th July 2009.

40 Years ago today July 20th I was a ten year old attending a Catholic School run by Nuns, Our Lady of the Rosary at Waitara, a suburb on the North Shore of Sydney Australia. I can recall the day man landed on the moon as if it were yesterday.

We sat on a cold wooden floor on the second story of the main school block, the class was full of all my class mates and the schools head mistress was there with us, her name was Sister Mary Cleatus (I think that's how it was spellt), her means of punishment was using a wicker cane on the palm of your hand or the backs of your legs or your butt.

While we all sat in awe watching the Americans on the Moon and just about to do their Moon Walk (No not the Michael Jackson version), I had done something in the class to warrant me being pulled out and made stand up in front of the class to line up for the cane at the end of the Television transmission, thankfully I was not the only child caught doing something the Nazi Nuns didn't approve of.

When the show was over all the children who had not been made stand in front of the class left the room, it was the middle of winter and it was cold, I was first up to receive the wrath of Sister Mary Cleatus, I saw the cane come down on my little 10 year old cold hand and snap, the rotten nun had broken the cane on my hand.

One memory that has been with me since that day that I was the only child to be caned that day as her cane was no more after hitting my little hand.

Every year on the 20th July, 2 days after my birthday, I recall this day and this Nun.

Michael Sutton

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Archer, originally uploaded by Sutto 007.

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Pool anyone?

Pool anyone?, originally uploaded by Sutto 007.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cronulla Fisherman

Cronulla Fisherman, originally uploaded by Sutto 007.